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“Prometal” LLC is the first manufacturer of polymer coated iron in Azerbaijan. The design of production line, supply and installation of equipment was implemented by Australia’s “Bronx International” Company, with 75 years of experience.

The commissioning of line was realized in February of 2018. The line is a single pass and it is able to process steel strip with thickness from 0,18 mm up to 0.80 mm and width up to 1250 mm. The annual production volume of the factory is 50.000 tons.

The most modern furnaces for the polymerization of paint on the production line and multi-pass final layer applier, which is the latest innovation of “Bronx International” company, have been installed so that, it enables rapid production of orders of different colors. This line is designed for working with various types of coatings such as polyester bright, polyester matt, polyester reef, polyurethane and PVDF.


Prometal's strategy is based on the full integration of the production cycle. The company is expanding production lines for the production of finished products and secondary products. A long-term investment program consisting of projects which are targeting to strengthen existing production capacity, to acquire new products, to improve internal operation system, to increase corporate and export sales for the realization of strategic plans. Our mission is to become an innovative leader in our area. It is crucial to have innovative approaches to the company's development in a continually developing world. An innovative approach to investment projects, management of internal processes, financial resources planning, corporate sales, work with suppliers and customers is the ultimate guarantee of success now. Our primary goal is to become a leader in the field of polymer coated steel production with an innovative approach. To achieve this goal we formed the company's research and development team of engineers and established a laboratory equipped with the latest technologies. During production and other operations, we always highlight the importance of quality and responsibility as the first domestic manufacturer. We use an integrated S & OP system to ensure effective and efficient production - sales transactions.

Our company was awarded this certificate for meeting the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015. As we know, the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015 is a type of world-renowned quality management system that offers to increase customer satisfaction by meeting customer needs and legal requirements.