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We eliminated dependence on foreign raw material!

Corrosion resistance- Excellent

Paint stability- Excellent

Resistance to mechanical effects- Excellent

Moisture protection- Excellent

Sun protection- Excellent

Aesthetic view- Excellent

Compliance with EU and ГОСТ standards- Excellent

Difference of color is not felt when you buy any product after a certain period of time.


Production line based on the latest technology is a guarantee of our high quality. At present, “Prometal” production line is considered to be the most modern polymer coated iron production line of the world in terms of technology.


“The multi-pass final layer applier”, the latest innovation of polymer coated iron production, has been installed so that, it enables rapid production of orders of different colors.

We use the best paint in the best equipment.

Our advantages

Production line based on the latest technology. At present, “Prometal” production line is considered to be the most modern polymer coated iron production line of the world in terms of technology.

High quality. “Prometal” products are produced by using from paints of the most well-known manufacturers such as AkzoNobel (Netherlands)  and PPG (USA).

Products compliant with local climatic conditions. Only paints, relevant to the RUV3 climatic condition, are used in the production of “Prometal” products.

Highly corrosion resistant products. The corrosion resistant raw material is used and it is provided by making the zinc layer thicker (Zn 160-180 q/m2) under the paint.

We guarantee. As a manufacturer, we give 25 years guarantee for our products included in the premium class.

Economical and environmental roofs. Prometal products, also take into consideration "cold roof" technology that, it means a 25-30% reduction in house cooling costs in the summer.

Sustainable development. We offer our products at the best quality, at the best price and most efficiently to the end users by making a sustainable investment to the projects lowering integration and production price.


  • We are country’s first and only manufacturer of polymer coated steel.
  • We are one of the country’s modern entities that is established by 100% Azerbaijani investment.
  • We are the company who can operate the production line built with advanced technologies for the first time in the country only with local specialists.
  • We are the company who eliminated the dependence of the customers from foreign raw materials.
  • We are the company who offers the best quality product for most affordable price in most efficient way to end-users through the investment in projects that lower integration and production costs.


Prometal has 3 types of products: Classic, Standard and Premium. These products differ in metal thickness and paint coating.

    Standart Premium
TMT, mm   0.35-0.44 over 0.45
Corrosion stability   Good Excellent
Paint stability   Good Excellent
Mechanical stability   Good Excellent
Guarantee duraction   Good Excellent